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Why should you pick our patented parts feeding system?

FlexiBowl® is suitable to handle tiny parts smoothly and consistently. The feeding area is wide open and clear so that parts cannot jam and get stuck in there.

A simple mechanical construction makes FlexiBowl reliable and efficient and reduced maintenance over the equipment life-cycle. An integrated and powerful backlight allows to locate tiny parts accurately. Antistatic belts are equipped with an electrically conductive static inhibitor that is abrasion-protected and embedded in the belt. It effectively prevents static build-up from the running belt.

Those are just some of the reasons behind why FlexiBowl® is widely trusted by the leading multinational companies in the electronic industry!


Downstream electronic manufacturers’ main challenge is to deliver highest technical performance in the smallest possible package. Our cutting-edge flexible parts feeding technology enhances the responsiveness and flexibility to customers demands of producers’ manufacturing systems and it keeps them competitive in this very rapidly changing environment.

Four megatrends are influencing our society, and thus, the electronic industry slowly, steadily and irreversibly.

Demographic Change that includes three sub-trends:

• growing world population;

• ageing society;

• increasing urbanisation.

Industrialised countries population is rapidly shrinking and growing older, meanwhile overall global population is raising, global migration flows is increasing and consumer demand is shifting. New opportunities for electrical engineering and electronic will be created in research and production equipment, medical engineering and diagnostics, multi-modal mobility concepts, zero-emission drives, and efficient buildings for megacities.

Sustainability that includes the following sub-trends:

• resource efficiency;

• environmental protection;

• social standards.

New opportunities for electronics: new technologies to reduce fuel consumption and optimise energy storage, new materials for environmental efficiency, new drive concepts. Investments in environmental technologies, microsystems engineering and electronic demand management systems, for example in automotive, mechanical and electrical engineering will be needed.

Globalisation that includes the sub-trend “mobility”. The global exchange of capital, goods and people has reached an unprecedented high peak. Know-how is concentrated in different areas, product life cycles are shortening, faster and constant innovation ,indeed, is a key driver for electrical engineering components.

Digitalisation that includes the following sub-trends

• miniaturization;

• new technologies;

• cross-sector cooperation.

Opportunities: new materials for more powerful processors and storage items, networking and control of different products through advanced microsystem and Internet technologies is giving rise to smaller, more complex and featureful electronic systems.

Those four magatrends are bringing in new opportunities for electronics produces in a wide variety of applications in which they’ll be applied. We defined 5 areas of application:

• Automotive electronics;

• Industrial electronics;

• Consumer electronics;

• Data technology;

• Telecommunications.




What parts do you need to feed?


We’ll be defining two main categories of operations in the electronic industry:

• Upstream Operations: High-volume and high-value-added products. These operations are inclined to be focused on the process. Technical performance, low price and innovations are the key drivers. They are influenced by demands for technical performance coupled with low price and are dependent on product innovations.

• Downstream Operations: Higher product varieties and lower added value. These operations are greatly influenced by demands for service and quality. Flexibility from the manufacturing operations and organizational responsiveness are key drivers.



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