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The plastics industry is in a highly demanding and competitive market, where factors such as low costs, high quality and short delivery times are the key to success and should be pursued if businesses intend to stay afloat. Moreover, unprecedented skilled labor shortage is now impacting almost every single business. High mix, low volume production leaves no space for hard automation to step in. How can a business remain competitive in such an environment?  Robotics and flexible automation are the answer because they can help plastic businesses meet the market demand, keep the margins and re-shore production.

By deploying a robot on the manufacturing floor, the business creates even more stimulating and smarter job positions as it emerges the need for programming and engineering. Robots are not job takers, but they create competitiveness and they are the driving force to get into the Industry 4.0 era, where smart production sites are made of connected machines, that communicate with each other via the Internet of things, and people that collect information to make decisions.


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