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Custom part services:

- Design

- Revers engineering

- Production of metallic parts

- Production of different palstic parts 

- Parts chemichal treatements 

- Parts assembly 

Custom parts


In order to offer to our clients the best solutions possible, we needed to work with the best in bussiness. If in the electrical we work with the top manufacturers Siemens, Festo, Schunk, Staubli, Kuka fot the mecanichal parts after a lot of test we needed to develop our own team and select form all suppliers the exact partners that have the same goule like us: to be the best you have to offer the best.



SCADA and MDC systems

To know waht your machines status is, to control productivity, to have a clear iudeea of production times is as important as a prime material in a factory, Bost offers to you systems for machine data collection for new and old machines. 

Benefits: Live production status, Fast diagnostics and call to action, Reports 

Automation and electrical upgrade

For many clients a large proportion of production means that they must use old machines, to help them we do automation upgrades, electrical and mechanical. 

Baenefits: Lower cost then building a new station, Lagecy systems can remain the same


Bost brings the power of advanced automation to companies of all sizes, everywhere. Our solutions – which include collaborative robots, autonomous mobile robots and motion control software for robots – are safe, reliable and easy to deploy.

Benefits: better quality, better products and better business.

Part feeding solutions

With its cutting-edge technology, Bost develops, manufactures and markets high performance flexible feeding systems for parts and components

Benefits: high flexibility, reduce part handling damages

Turnkey automation

Bost has the experience in providiung you with the correct automation platform to suit your specific product requirements. 

Benefits: Maximazing efficency, Production cost reduction, 

Automatic assembly systems

Automated assembly systems by Bost can help you deliver products to your market in accelerated time frame. 


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